about us

What is Fones4Schools?
Fones4Schools is the UK’s leading recycling campaign for schools and groups of any kind. Established in 2003, Fones4Schools has now worked with thousands of schools across the UK and helped to raise over £1million for participants.

The idea is very simple and it’s an easy campaign to run. Schools, youth organisations and groups collect old mobile phones and in return they get cash and prizes for every phone.

What has Fones4Schools achieved?
Since it’s launch in 2003, Fones4Schools has;

  • Donated an amazing £1,000,000+ worth of cash and prizes.
  • Diverted over 150,000kg of toxic waste away from landfill sites.
  • Recycled or reused over 350,000 old mobile phones.
  • Helped the spread of United Nations Millennium technology goals by getting mobiles used in developing nations

What are our aims?
Fones4Schools aims to;

  • Continue to educate pupils about the benefits and ongoing need to recycle.
  • Help schools to raise vital funds for new equipment and resources.
  • Continue to divert old mobiles from landfill sites.
  • Help schools to meet the waste reuse and recycling aims of their local authority.